1. A journey beyond

Two roads crossing. Thought cannot solve the mystery of the mind. Our mindless mental models. 'The me' is a big mistake. Beyond thinking. Be free to see. Time will not help us.

2. Ten Insights

Human problems have one common root. Thinking is the cause of human disorder. We are not individuals. Eliminating psychological conditioning. The world is one whole. Psychological time is the enemy of man. There is no psychological evolution. The observer is the observed. Nobody can help you to see the truth. The essence of existence is beyond thinking.

3. Towards a new kind of mind

The rocky road. Meeting of minds. A path to the pathless land. Words are letters. Two worlds, one mind. Dialogues in brief.

4. Words from silence

The Gstaad sessions 1965

1 Thought is a danger! 
2 Can you hear silence? 
3 Never a dull moment
4 Fixing the brain pain
5 Gone with the flow
6 World without words

5. Seeing all as it is

Read between the lines
The Brockwood Parks sessions 1975
1 Shrinking in thinking
2 Let the facts act
3 A drum vibrates to the emptiness
4 Seeing is doing
5 Crooked like a cork screw
6 Step out of your stable
7 Meeting the mystery
8 Stream gone wrong
9 Healing the damaged brain
10 The process revisited
11. Can wisdom be learnt?
12 Eliminating desire

6. Are we willing to change?

Discussions with David Shainberg 1976
1    Life is more than me
2   Lost in concepts
3   Still crazy after all these years
4  To live you must leave
5  Two rails never meet
6  Occupied by acute matters
7   Sensing the sacred

7. All time is now

The Sessions 1980 at Ojai and Brockwood Park
1   Ending as a new beginning
2  Towards the ground
3   Insight transforms thought
4   Old maps mislead us
5   Out of the shock a new mind
6   Mutation in the brain cells
7   Dispelling darkness
8   Immensity calling
9   Old brain cannot create a new mind
10  Cosmos is in meditation
11    From a little pond to the ocean
12   A thorn in thought
13   Knocked by knowledge
14   The universe as the body of the mind
15   Refuse to have problems!

8. The potent powers of our mind

Meetings with scientists 1978-1982
Why we compare?
Within me, without me
Free will or no choice?
The brain is more than a computer
Master of own time
Sustaining selfishness
From animal to human
Clear the confused mind!
Healthy mind is whole

9. Future in the now

The last sessions 1983
Life is a live broadcast
Terminate the tyranny of thought!

10. The world is for all

If you cannot answer, change the question. Clarity is necessary.

11. "It ends"


Summary of published dialogues