Olival Freire Junior:
David Bohm

A Life Dedicated to Understanding the Quantum World
(Springer 2019)

This authoritative biography addresses the life and work of David Bohm. 250 pages.


1. Introduction: Living Through Cold War Storms, Attempting to Understand the Quantum

2. From Wilkes-Barre to Physics Ph.D at Berkeley (1917–1945)

3. Teaching and Doinf Research at Princeton, Caught up in the Cold War Storms (1947–1951)

4. The Long Campaign for the Causal Interpretation (1952–1960). Brasil, Israel and the U.K.

5. From the Causal Interpretation to the Wholeness and Order - The First Stage of the London Years (1960–1979)

    5.2 The Quest for the Spiritual – Krishnamurti and the Value of His Thoughts for Society, Science and Individual Beings (p. 127–131)

6. The Quest for Compatibility Between the Causal Interpretation and the Wholeness Approach (1979–1992)